DAS Systems

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, staying connected becomes less of a novelty and more of a need. FCArchitects mitigates this need with its understanding of the inner working of DAS equipment and it is this knowledge to a DAS equipment that allows FCArchitects to successfully create complex and creative indoor and outdoor DAS systems solutions that meet are client’s goals. FCArchitects has completed numerous contracts for fortune 500 companies as well as Federal and State entities.

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Data Processing

FCArchitects are experts at designing housing racks to safely store hardware while ensuring optimal processing efficiently. We can design advanced storage units for new processing centers and perform expansions of existing systems.

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Traditional Wireless Communications Facilities

FCArchitects offers design solutions that combine signal reliability with weather resistance technology resulting in a product that provides consistent coverage for many years.

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Fiber Hubs

Fiber feed cell sites have arrived. Separating the data processing equipment from the antenna systems has had a positive affect and has reduced the impact a cell site has on a property and surrounding community.

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Commercial & Residential

FCArchitects provides investigation, analysis and design services required to complete a project.

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Consulting & Design

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